Imam's Corner

Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli is the “Imam,” or the religious leader, of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ). Imam Chebli grew up in Lebanon, and attended one of the most the prestigious Islamic institutions in the world, Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. Imam Chebli received his Masters in Islamic Canonical Law from Al-Azhar University.

A commanding presence at any setting, Imam Chebli has been the face of the ISCJ since 1986, when he was appointed the Imam. Over the years, with an ever present smile and an endearing personality, Imam Chebli has become an indispensible part of interfaith dialogue throughout central New Jersey and beyond.

As a member of the North and South Brunswick Diversity Committee and the South Brunswick Clergy Association Imam Chebli is a regular visitor to the local churches, synagogues, public schools and town hall meetings, promoting unity through diversity.

In recognition of his contribution to interfaith dialogue and diversity throughout New Jersey, the Governor of New Jersey appointed Imam Chebli to the Governor’s Leadership Summit on Diversity. Imam Chebli has been invited to the President's State of the Union and given the opening prayer at Congress. He has been a recipient of many awards and recognized by Local, State and National organizations for his self-less service to the communities at large!

Imam Chebli has given numerous interviews to the press, has appeared on radio talk shows and on television programs, explaining Islam to Americans. He has also contributed several articles to the local newspapers. Imam Chebli is a much sought after “personality” by the local residents and the media, and is a tower of strength to the Islamic community in central New Jersey and beyond.
Some of Imam's responsibilities include...
Daily Prayers
- Friday Prayers
- Eid Prayers
- Funeral Prayers
- Interfaith Activities
- Wedding Services
- Teaching of Islamic culture and traditions2006 Star Ledger Profile of Imam Chebli
Contact Imam Chebli:
Mosque: (732) 329-6995 ext. 4
Home: (732) 329-2400
Fax: (732) 329-1988