Food Pantry

Many members of the community are in need of food and supplies. The ISCJ Food Pantry service provides an opportunity for dedicated volunteers to come together and help pack boxes of food and distribute them.

These volunteers are making a difference and assisting the community in this time of need. If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link below and follow the instructions.
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What Is In Our Food Pantry Box:
Our boxes include a variety of foods to ensure a balanced meal for our recipients. These items
- Pasta
- Spaghetti Sauce
- Rice
- Canned Goods
- Cooking Oil
- Bread
- Frozen Organic Chicken
- Toiletries And Much More!
Accomplishments So Far:
- As of October 3rd, we’ve distributed over 29,000 meals! (over 1,100 boxes)
- We’ve worked with local communities and townships to bring awareness of our Food Pantry Service.

Our Food Pantry has brought in recipients from all faiths and backgrounds. We look to continue on our mission to support these individuals.
Pantry Food Drive Donations:
The ISCJ Food Pantry is always open to collecting donations from the community. We
would love the following items:
- Bags of 5lb Flour
- Bags of 4lb Sugar
- Bottles of 24-30oz Pasta Sauce
- Boxes of Breakfast Cereal
- Bottles of 16-20oz Peanut Butter

We accept donations alternating Saturdays, from 12am to 2pm at the ISCJ Multipurpose room.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact