ISCJ Marriage Procedure
“And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He put love and mercy between your hearts. Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” ~ Qur’an 30.21

Congratulations on the joyous occasion of your wedding! We are honored that you have chosen the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ) to share this occasion with you and your loved ones.  Marriage in Islam is a beautiful union that completes one’s faith and we pray we can make this union a memorable and spiritual one!

If you would like to have your wedding ceremony at the Islamic Society of Central Jersey, please follow the steps below.  For any additional questions, please call ISCJ office at 732-329-6995 and speak to the office administrator.

Step 1:  Contact ISCJ as soon as possible with minimum being at least one month in advance via email to

Step 2: Submit the following documents and administrative fees to the ISCJ office at least 2 weeks before the scheduled ceremony after confirming ISCJ Imam is available:

Reservation Form: Click Here
Administrative Fee:
- $700 for non- ISCJ members – ($300 check made payable to ‘Imam Hamad Chebli’ and $400 check made payable to ‘ISCJ’)
- $600 for ISCJ members – $300 check made payable to ‘Imam Hamad Chebli’ and $300 made payable to ‘ISCJ’)

Step 3:  On the day of the Nikkah ceremony:
- Provide two witnesses for the Nikkah ceremony.
- Also, be sure to bring your marriage permit that you obtained from your local Township Municipality.
- A printed version of the Marriage Application (to be given to the Imam conducting the Nikkah)
- Imam's Payment (if requesting his services)
Marriage Application Form: Click Here
Policy Regarding Imam Performing Off-Site Wedding Ceremony:
If you would like Imam Chebli to attend a wedding ceremony that is scheduled off-site, you must contact the ISCJ office at 732-329-6995 to check availability. Please note there will be an additional $100/hour travel fee for off-site ceremonies and that is not included in the wedding processing fee of $700 for non-members and $600 for ISCJ members.

We look forward to working with you and congratulations once again!

Guidelines For Marriage Services
  1. All marriage requests and reservations will be handled by ISCJ office to streamline the process and coordinate scheduling. This will allow administrator to keep track of the necessary fees for the marriage services and ISCJ Musalla/Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) reservation. Use of masjid/musalla area is a separate fee.
  2. Marriage request form and ISCJ Space/MPR reservation form will be online and also available in ISCJ office.
    Reservation Form: Click Here
  3. After confirming the Musala/MPR availability and finalizing the requested date/time with the applicant, the admin office will contact Imam Chebli, if requesting his services, to confirm his availability, and update the applicant.
  4. ISCJ office will call contact person and confirm all forms, marriage request and MPR reservation (if applicable). Payments can be made directly to ISCJ office.  
    1 - ISCJ Active Paid Members:
    Total Amount: $600
    ($300 paid directly to Imam on the day of the Nikkah  & $300 paid to ISCJ - see payment options below)

    2 - NON-ISCJ Members:
    Total Amount:$700 ($300 paid directly to Imam on the day of the Nikkah  & $400 paid to ISCJ - see payment options below) 

    Please note no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
  5. A $300 security deposit should be paid to the office in CASH no later than TWO weeks prior to the Nikkah day. This security deposit will be kept at the office, and the applicant will be given a receipt. This deposit will be refunded to the applicant after we receive a 'satisfactory inspection' after the event is concluded, Insha' Allah. ('satisfactory inspection' includes but is not limited to adhering to the time of your reservation, cleaning the Musala area after the event -including vacuuming if needed-, and adhering to the NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the Musala area policy....)
  6. ISCJ office must keep a log of all reservations showing type of event and the specific time of reservation, name of contact person and his/her phone number.
  7. ISCJ office and Imam should keep a copy of these guidelines files for their own use.

Payment Options:
- In-Person –  (10am - 2pm ) 7 days a week
- Zelle –
- PayPal – Mohid – - Venmo – iscj-nj
- Check:
  Islamic Society of Central Jersey
  4145 Route 1 South
  Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852